“As a former judge in the trial courts and on the Court of Appeals, and as former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina, I am familiar with the work of the courts at all levels and with Chief Judge Donna Stroud’s 17 years of work as a judge. Donna also had broad and varied experience practicing in North Carolina’s courts for 16 years before becoming a judge. When I was Chief Justice, I created the Chief Justice’s Rules Advisory Commission to oversee changes to rules and to recommend changes to statutes necessary to enable electronic filing in all of North Carolina’s trial courts. I chose Donna as the Chair of this Commission based upon her integrity, work ethic, and experience, and she continues to serve in this role today. I fully endorse Chief Judge Stroud for re-election to the Court of Appeals. As Chief Judge of the court, she brings invaluable experience and conservative values to both the Court of Appeals and to North Carolina’s court system. We are so fortunate to have Donna Stroud on the Court of Appeals.”
— (Former Chief Justice Mark Martin)